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Who am I?

Hi, I am Josh Maxwell, also known online as CCTechWiz. My pronouns are he/him, I’m 6 feet tall with a bit of a dad bod and short brown hair that is usually spiked up when I’m not wearing a ball cap.

I am working as a Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead at Qualtrics on the Developer Experience and Tooling team. My current languages of choice are Go, Typescript, and Bash. I also have quite a bit of experience with C++, Python, C, and x86 Assembly.

My personal mission is to improve developer experiences and productivity across all of Qualtrics and ultimately for software engineers everywhere.

Prior to Qualtrics, I worked as a Software Security Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories. There I was focused on building applications and system integrations to support cyber resiliency R&D, experimentation, and execution.

I have a Master’s degree in Information Security (MSIS) from Carnegie Mellon University, with an emphasis in system-level code security, reverse engineering, and exploitation. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Southern Utah University. However, beyond my degrees, I have always had a deep craving for knowledge, to which I attribute the lion’s share of my most valuable experiences.

I’m also more than just my profession. I am married to a strong, amazing woman and we have two beautiful daughters. My other interests and hobbies include; personal knowlege managment/productivity, running and playing various tabletop RPGs, managing a small homelab, dabbling in indie game development, reading, and mountain biking.

Where else can you find Me?

Mastodon is my primary social network account and where you can find my more raw thoughts in real-time, as well as blog notifications.

Gumroad is where I plan to make available more static/refined downloadable content, some free and some paid.

LinkedIn is where you can follow my professional journey and accomplishments, although I pretty much only used LinkedIn as an over-engineered CV.

GitHub is where you can find my code project and things I’m playing with. All code there comes with an as-is guarantee and I try to license it as permissive as I can.

My Posts

Hello World - 30 October 2023


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